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Jerry Deangelis

Hello All:

At the end of 2003, we talked about finding time to add recipes to The Artisan. Between pruning and
spraying that has been the case, and we are happy to be able to keep that promise.

We have developed about 15 new recipes for classes and ourselves, and tonight we are uploading
10 of them.

For those new to the site, every thing is free, including technical support. We do not advertise,
nor do we sell anything. Each recipe below includes a link to it, as well as alternative pages where
the recipes may be found.

If you have problems accessing them, or find errors, please do not hesitate to contact us at
mailto:[email protected].

Artichoke Risotto:

Halibut Served with a Salmon Tapenade:

Pappardelle "Lasagna" with Sole Stuffing:

Sole Rollups - Appetizer:

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers #2 :

Not Your Everyday Turkey Salad:

Peppers Stuffed with Turkey:

Turkey Casserole - Easy:

Figs Cooked in a Fig Sauce:

Shell Pasta with Tomatoes:

The recipes may also be found on the New Stuff Page: or on
the Recipe page where all of the 240+ recipes on the site may be found.

We hope that you enjoy these recipes. Most are easy to prepare, and the ingredients are relatively
easy to find.


Jerry @ The Artisan