Recognizing a troll on MHA

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Gymmy Bob, Mar 9, 2004.

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    A troll can easily spotted on this Usenet group by:

    1) their fear of Jan Drew.. They have to attack her with
    ridicule and name calling for her ideas and ideals.

    2) changing their ID at least once a month. Some have to
    change their ID everyday to get people to listen to what
    they say. They need support from others because they are
    not sure of themselves.

    3) people vehemently disagreeing with anything alternative,
    natural or not approved by an American medical society,
    blessed by the government. The blindness has them in a
    lather afraid to open their eyes to what they see around
    them. They are afraid if they accept any of these evils
    we will all die of a mysterious disease that could have
    been prevented by a mercury preserved compound (again
    blessed by the above minority groups). They control these
    groups with their money and interbreeding and therefore
    control the populous downstream.

    4) their names being "Rich" or "Peter". Some pretend to be
    medical professionals, even though any professional I
    know is working and has no time for convincing the world
    of their trade. This is a typical trait of certain
    race/religions. This race doesn't know what to do with
    all their money and sends every child through law school
    or medical school. This is how they attempt to get
    control of a country right up to the point of being
    eradicated by racial purists that pop up every couple of
    hundred years.

    5) curly hair