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Ago Velox

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Jan 4, 2010

I need your assistance in acquiring an exercise bike for home use to recover from a knee injury and to maintain fitness in a car/truck-free zone.

I am chasing something like this one with a heavy flywheel at front with the following minium specs. ... ctid=16397

•Stainless steel 25kg heavy-duty flywheel
•Belt drive
•For use in professional spinning classes
•Adjustable resistance via felt pad
•Emergency stop button
•Adjustable seat - forward/backward and up/down.
•Includes 2 water bottle holders

I am fairly well set on having a heavy duty SS flywheel at front as my first priority and commercial grade as a key second priority.

What other criteria should I fous on or look out for when selecting a suitable bike to achieve my aims?

What are solid brands to consider?

What are some other forums I should visit to obtain further information?

Is "Spin Bike" the correct naming for this type of bike? If not, what is?

My budget is up to $1500 AUD.

Ago Velox


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Dec 20, 2009
[lang=nl]Hi Ago,

At the sports centre where I teach spinning classes we recently upgraded to Spinner NXT bikes, which are great. They are quite robust which results in almost no movement/slack of the saddle or steering, which is a problem with the cheaper models. You can take a look over here:
Spinner Fietsen: Trainingsfietsen van Spinning

Saris/Cycle ops has indoor bikes which look the part. However they are not cheap...
Saris Cycling Group

I think the most important things to look for in a spinning bike are;
* Stepless/Continuous adjustable seating position (height and horizontal position).
* Sturdy construction; no movement of the saddle or steering.
* +- 20 - 25 kg flywheel
* Possibility to mount a proper saddle (like the on your real bike).

Hope to have helped a bit. Ciao