Recovered from accident, bicyclist and his wife to ride acrosscountry


SJ Carter

Here's a bit of inspiration.
On July 6, Kip Vosburgh and 12 other cyclists were injured in a bike
accident. Vosburgh spent two weeks in a hospital and another three
months in a wheelchair.

But Vosburgh couldn't stay out of the saddle for long. This
inspiration to the cycling community is riding again and is training
for a cross-country trip with his wife, Carol Jean, also an
accomplished cyclist.

On June 1, the Vosburghs will be part of an America by Bicycle group
that leaves San Francisco to ride for 52 days some 3,836 miles to
Portsmouth, N.H. The Vosburghs plan to ride about 80 miles a day.

Follow their progress online at

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