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    Dick Ryan, arguably the principal father of the modern day recumbent
    (see history has scanned 25 years
    worth of recumbent pictures, over (200+) on to one CD. On it your will

    - 1930's picture of Charles Mochet on his record setting VeloCar
    - Bike advertisements including the 1936 New Grub Kingston recumbent
    that sold in England for 14 lbs and the 1979 Avatar (the world's first
    large scale production recumbent) ad
    - Hand crank gurney recumbent with adjustable pontoons
    - Faired and unfaired concoctions he photographed at small and large
    bike expos he has attended all over the world
    - A trumpet recumbent
    - Photos of the Gold Rush exhibit at the Smithsonian
    - Low racers
    - Low riders
    - Folders
    - Trikes
    - Bike cartoons
    - Select tour pictures customers have sent him from all over the world
    - Antique bikes
    - David Gordon Wilson's magazine article on the origin of the Avatar
    - Avatar and Ryan recumbent pictures
    - The MIT Daedalus project (first human powered airplane to cross the
    English channel) powered by one of Dick's recumbent bikes
    - An antique horse drawn bike taxi
    - HPV races
    - A three wheeled Bob Jackson upright
    - The pole bike
    - Interbike shots
    - Inside bike factories and bicycle showrooms
    - Etc

    If the rich history of the modern day recumbent that Dick was such a
    huge part of (did you know that it was Dick who helped Bob Bryant get
    Recumbent Cyclist News going and Dick also had much to do with the
    creative genius Jan Vandertuin and Human Powered Machines have also
    blessed the recumbent industry with?) fascinates you, this awesome photo
    collection is a must have. It could also work great as a screen saver.

    For Dick, if it was like the bikes he built, creating the above
    collection was no doubt a labor of love. And like his bikes, this CD he
    is selling is underpriced. He only wants $7.00 for it and he'll pay the
    postage (unless you live out of the US for which he wants an additional

    Pay via PayPal to [email protected] or money order to:

    richard ryan [email protected]
    Richard Ryan
    58 Lyle St.
    Malden Ma 02148

    Additional history on Ryan Recumbents at

    The above can be found at our recumbent blog found at as