recumbent trike fenders?


Harry Brogan

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<[email protected]> wrote:

>With the snow melting and the weather warming up, I'd like to start
>riding my recumbent trike more.
>However, I'd like to do it AND stay dry.
>Do any recumbent trike riders here have fenders on thier trike?
>After looking online a bit, I found the following fenders on the Sun
>Bicycles site:
>Is anybody familiar with those?

Yes I do run fenders. But I do not have the Sun fenders. Mine are
customized Freddy Fender ones. I added to the fron ones as I was
getting a little too much spray-back in the wind.

Here are a few photos for you. If you have any questions please feel
free to email me. Rig/WinterTrike-12222007-01-12222007con.jpg Rig/TheRigMeAtAPark-11252007-05-1209200.jpg

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