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    On 2005-12-14, sf <[email protected]> wrote:
    > Remember that song and remember how the last part was done? Was Bob
    > Marley the first rapper?

    Hardly, since it was Neil Diamond who wrote and first performed it
    back in '67 as a mellow country song. In 1969 Tony Tribe, a
    little known Jamaican artist, had a British charts hit with his
    eventually-to-be-raggae ska version. Other artists such as Vic Dana
    and Roy Drusky made minor showings on the charts with the song in
    various guises before UB40, a Brit rock/raggae band made it the super
    hit classic we know today. I don't know when Marley glommed onto it,
    but it was never really one of his songs.

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    Nice romantic song .with a glass of red red wine.