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    If you're near Seattle Washington, consider coming to my training
    clinic for cyclists.

    Dynamic Sports Training & CHEKWellness invite you to learn how to
    Optimize your Personal Performance!

    Anyone can buy a training book on training . . .

    But is that all you need to get to the next level?

    Reaching that next level of performance in any sport isn't always about
    training harder, often it is about the details. Come learn what your
    own body needs to perform better. We'll tell you what is between the
    lines in all those training books.

    * Saturday Sept. 24th; 8am to 5pm
    * Space is limited; Prepayment required to reserve your spot
    (register by phone or email; pay by check or Pay Pal)
    * Clinic fee: $100 per participant

    This clinic is jam packed with important individualized assessments.
    You will not sit in an all day lecture and hear theory, instead you
    will participate and learn about your own body and what it needs.
    Every attendee will receive a take home manual and learn cutting edge
    training techniques to facilitate strong improvements during the in and
    off season. Come find out how to maximize your training time,
    performance and health year round!

    * The clinic will be a lecture and participation format; please
    wear comfortable workout clothing and bring note taking materials.

    Instructors: Marlon Familton, CSCS & Patrick Welch, ACSM, CHEK 2, NLC

    Location: The Redmond Athletic Club
    Address: 8709 161st Avenue, Redmond WA 98052
    425-883-4449 for Directions

    Please direct all clinic questions to: 425-417-4700 or email
    [email protected]

    1. Intro: What is your Optimal Personal Performance?

    2. Training for performance gains versus thrashing your body

    * Understanding how your body deals with the different forms of
    stress and strategies to minimize their affects. This includes much
    more than just stress from work.
    * Find out about your body's two repair cycles the importance of
    sleep to your performance and health. And how to get to sleep when you
    * Learn 'zone' exercises for stress reduction and how to activate
    the systems in your body that are designed to help you repair and
    recover (participation).
    * Emotional Freedom for performance; learn how to reduce/remove
    pain, anxiety, nervousness, performance jitters and more

    3. Goal Setting for success

    * Understand why "You become what you think about" and how to
    harness a power that will help you achieve your goals, but only if you
    want them.
    * Learn how effective goal setting changes behavior; set goals you
    want to achieve.
    * Create a worksheet on how to find your one burning desire, then
    how to make it come true in a goal setting exercise (participation).

    4. Posture for better movement and better recovery

    * Understand the nature of your posture and how it relates to your
    ability to train and recover.
    * Learn about static and dynamic stability and how it relates to
    ultimately your performance and health.
    * Understanding how, when to and when not to stretch.
    * Flexibility Assessments (participation).
    * Corrective stretching (participation).

    5. Understanding your "Inner Unit" and how it relates to your

    * Anatomy of the core and how it is critical to your sport; any
    * How and why proper core function will allow you to generate more
    * Back pain & pelvis stability; if you have back pain, you'll want
    to be here.
    * Breathing for performance & stability (participation).
    * Core function assessments (participation).
    * Core training exercises (participation), no crunches or sit ups

    Lunch Break: 12pm - 60 minutes (there are several places to eat within
    walking distance)

    6. Hydration: what you probably haven't heard before

    * What you must know about your body's water needs.
    * Why water is critical to your performance.
    * How to ensure you're adequately hydrated with quality water.

    7. Eat according to what your body needs for maximum performance

    * Nutrition assessment; learn what your body needs and tries to
    tell you every day. Are you listening? (participation).
    * Why there is no such thing as a diet everyone should be on.
    * Dispelling the myths about carbohydrates, fats, proteins and what
    athletes need
    * Tuning into your body language; what are the signs and what to do
    about them (participation).

    8. Functional gym training: what is it and why is it critical for
    athletic performance

    * Machines and Bodybuilding: why they poison your body's
    * Learn how to balance the affects of your sport on your own body.
    * What are motor patterns and why are they critical for your
    * Gym work that actually improves your stability, leverage and
    power generation without lifting heavy weights (participation).

    9. Primal movement pattern assessments

    * What you need to know to survive and thrive in life and sports.
    * Learn where your motor patterns could be missing big chunks if
    critical information to your nervous system and how to fix it for
    better performance and health.
    * Understand proper movement techniques to train your body
    * Small group instruction on cable equipment (participation;
    tentative; if time allows).

    For more information, please call 425-417-4700 or email
    [email protected]