Refinishing carbon parts


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Sep 12, 2005
Can anyone here advise on refinishing or painting carbon parts? Specifically, I saw a case where, apparently, a shop removed the finish on a Time carbon fork, painted over parts of it to match the frame, and put a glossy coat on the rest of it so that you could see the carbon weave. I say "apparently" because I'm not really sure what was done. I was wondering about how one typically goes about doing this (sand off the finish?, etc), and how much it can affect the integrity of the part.

Thanks in advance.
If its only the finish that is sanded off (the clearcoat or paint) it shouldn't harm the carbon.:)

If it was me (and I've done a lot of car etc spraypainting) I would either 2 pot clearcoat the carbon or lightly undercoat / topcoat / clearcoat it depending on what finish I was after.
Along the same lines, I'm interested in stripping an old Trek OCLV frame down to the bare carbon. So you're saying I can just sand lightly and I shouldn't be able to harm the carbon? That sounds better to me than using a chemical stripper - just seems like that might be more detrimental to the carbon.

I once sanded down and re-clear-coated an old fork, and it works fine. It was coloured bright yellow, but I wanted to use it on another bike, so I went for the 'natural' carbon look. I just used a cheap clear spray from an auto parts shop

I was actually surprised at how good the result was