Reflections on Armstrong in Le Monde



For those who believe there might be value in examining perspectives on
Lance lying somewhere between "LA is a hero!" and "LA is a jerk!", and who
know some French, the journal Le Monde (something like the NY Times of
France), in its Tour de France section, has a series of short essays (now
numbering between 15 and 20) by different people about him. The writers
are quite varied, ranging from scientists to writers to politicians to
professional athletes, and provide a wide range of impressions. The most
recent, by Albert Jacquard, identified as a population geneticist, is at,1-0@2-3242,36-373599,0.html

There are links to the others on the right side under the heading, "à
lire aussi" (to read also).

Nice way to brush up on your French, before your next visit...

Salut !