Reflective / LED vests


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Jul 10, 2005
Does anyone know where I can buy one of those vests (rain-proof) with the LEDs in the reflective strip.

I would prefer Sydney retail, but internet is ok (prefer to support Oz business)

I bought these for commuting. The best compliment came from a road crew as I cycled past, "Hey, that's better than what we wear!"

Forestry Supplier Inc.

You'll look like a friggin' Christmas tree on wheels but people WILL notice you.
Having almost been knocked off by a car who plain and simply didn't see me at night, decided to buy some reflective tape and run it down my seat stay on both sides.

I'd like to see some bike or paint manufacturers make some paint which is reflective at night - i'd like to see it too, could save a lot of lives.

Speaking of lighting, anyone know any good front lights to have? I have a typical rear red light, but a front one at the same intensity does nothing for my vision and very little for any cars.