If there's anything we should have learned from the Bush economy is that the stock market is full of
fraud, and it is not reliable for those who would bet their life savings on it. If anyone has
learned anythign in the last 3 years is that Privatizing Social Security is a very bad idea. Very
bad indeed, especially in a Republican economy.

Al Gore campaigned on putting a "lockbox" on Social Security, so that no politician can put their
corrupt little greedy hands inside of it and steal the trillions of dollars that are in there. That
idea was ridiculed and shot down by the Republicans. And guess what Bush is in fact doing. He is
stealing trillions of dollars from it right now. How else can our country afford those trillions of
dollars worth of tax cuts for the super rich? How else can we afford the hundreds of billions of
dollars that the completely unjustified war in Iraq is costing our country?

George Bush wants us to think that privatization will reform Social Security and reverse this rapid
depletion of its funds. But Bush is lying to us, once again. It is a very dangerous form of wishful
thinking, to suggest that we don't have to make the hard choices necessary to save Social Security,
hard choices such as a rescinding of the Bush tax cuts.

If our politicians had not been stealing from Social Security as they have been doing over the
years, then it could very well have already become a self sustaining mechanism, where it would
survive in large part only on the interest it generates, and we would have been paying very little
into it by now to keep it going. But that is not what is happening, because we have been ripped off,
big time, mainly by the Republicans.

Bush's own commission on Social Security reform, in 2001, concluded that privatization will not
close the gap between taxes coming in and benefits going out. This is because the percent of those
paying taxes into the system is going down while the percent of those collecting benefits is going
up. Privatization will only make this problem worse, because the taxes needed to guarantee these
benefits to current retirees will be taken out to set up these private accounts.

To make a long story short, Republicans are too corrupt to be trusted to reform Social Security, no
more than a fox can be trusted to guard a hen house. Think about it.

The best way to reform Social Security is to vote ALL the Republicans out, and then put a LOCKBOX
on it, so that no politician will ever be able to put their dirty little crooked paws into it
ever again.

Abel Malcolm


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