regarding frames rumoured to crack easy


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Sep 12, 2005
Seriously they still have a standard that they have to follow when making the frame. If not then the bike can not be approved for use in the competition.

AFAIK there is no standard required to race in the States.

I've watched guys line up on Sears Free Spirit bikes. If ANY bike was less suited to the rigors of racing I'ld like to know who built it.

Also what rider in their right mind would ride a bike that they know the frame would crack ofter 50 miles.

The same ones that got paid to bomb off Alpine passes relying on Delta brakes. And ride the early Alans and Vitus el explodos. Or enter races where crashing, injury and blood loss is the rule, not the exception.

What girl in her right mind would remove her clothes in front of a room full of strange men?

Put a fist full of dollar bills in that G-string and watch it disappear. Much like strippers, no one ever accused bike racers of being all the bright.

What was that old cereal commerial..."Let Mikey try it!".