Reinventing the wheel


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Apr 11, 2003
Bloke has thought - Reinventing Guess What
A British engineer has come up with a collapsible wheel. Duncan Fitzsimons is a tinkerer. When he was 5 he put together Lego spaceships in seconds. When he was 15 he made a wooden rocking chair. At 26 Fitzsimons has decided to reinvent the wheel. (more in article)


Love to see this develop beyond the prototypes and onto a Brompton or folder, considering we had a better than expected win with the bikes on trains issue in Victoria. Don't hold your breath waiting for a more space friendly folder incorporating a collapsible wheel, but in Victoria we only have to wait until April until being able to (legally) take folders on trams & buses. Not that anyone does it illegally at the moment, not looking at anyone in particular here or anything. ;)

Quote from last Fridays MR from Lynne Kosky: "For the first time, from April tram and bus users will also be allowed to take folding bikes on all services, provided they are folded and contained within a carry bag."