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Aug 21, 2006
i'm looking for a road bike finally. i'm not riding competitively. weight/speed/aerodynamics, etc. really aren't priorities for me (although, it's nice to be able to ride fast). i'm mostly looking for a comfortable road bike that i can spend several hours on per day on saturdays and sundays. i'm only able to handle about 2.5 hours on my hybrid.

i've been looking at road bikes with the most relaxed, upright geometry. i'd also like to have at least 105-level components.

here are the bikes i've targeted so far. any opinions on these bikes? any suggestions on other makes/models i should check out?

cann sport road ('06 leftover)
cann synapse alloy
cann road warrior (if its not too $ to swap out the handlebars)
felt z 65
felt z 35
jamis ventura elite
trek pilot 2.1
spec roubaix
spec allez comp elite
bianchi eros
bianchi imola

i like the extra crosstop levers like on the pilot. the synapse have S.A.V.E. forks and seat tubes. supposedly, they absorb vibration really well. do other mfr's have similar technology?
i'm still window shopping.

i've been looking at relaxed geometry road bikes that have clearance in the fork to switch to 'cross tires.

should i just look at cyclocross bikes since about 10% of the time i'll be on a bike path?

every time i think i've narrowed down my choices, someone or something steers me to others.

i've been looking at orbea, scott, specialized, kona and the felt fx1. i really like the felt and kona.

i'd appreciate any advice!!!!!! what is the best course to take....customize a road bike so that i can ride it on crushed stone paths vs. just buy a cyclocross?

if i switch a road bike to 'cross tires, do i have to swap out the wheel-sets too?
hopefully the 3rd time will be the charm in this thread...

i have an appointment to test ride the orbea onix tdi this friday. it has campy mirage components.

where would the mirage level fall if you could compare them to shimano components?

i still don't know if i should go with a 'cross or road bike. has anyone here used a cyclocross bike for recreational road and rails-to-trails riding? was it a good decsion for you?

i've narrowed my choices down to;
felt f1x or specialized tricross comp triple (if i go with a 'cross bike)

orbea onix tdi, cannondale synapse carbon, felt z35 (if i go with a road bike)

there are other makes/models i've looked at but i ruled them out because i wasn't comfortable with the dealers.
Cross bikes should allow you to run wider tires (up to 700X32?). Road bikes on the other hand, might only allow you to run 700X23 or 700X25 tyres.

I personally wouldnt try riding on crushed stones paths on 700X23s. I only ever do it when I really have to due to road repair works, etc.

What you might want to consider is getting a cross bike, and when you do require it for a ride on the paved roads, change the tyres to a 700X23 road tyres.
Relaxed geometry = Hybrid in my mind. Why don't you just change your present hybrid with drop bar/slick tyres and be done with it?

If you want a road bike, then get a real road bike.

A big part of being able to ride long relates to the fit. Flat bar hybrid can kill your wrist due to its ride position on long rides, so it's not a good reference for your ability to ride.

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