Remember me...???? :D



Howzit guys?

Thought you'd got rid of me eh? ;D
Not likely. 8)

Basically got retrenched at the end of last year and not really had a net a good net connection - actually still don't but make do with the 56k modem.

Been working for myself doing graphic design (websites, printing etc) and I've been painting a bit. My last 2 were F1 oil paintings. Showed them to a few overseas F1 friends and got such a positive response and them all want prints - so I'll be selling prints on the net real soon. Thought you might want to have a look.


Monaco Monsoon - Michael Schumacher in the F310b on his way to a dominant wet win in 1997.


Testing up a Storm - David Coulthard testing during a stormy late afternoon at Valencia.

I'm just about to start a Senna in a Camel Lotus at Monaco.

Cycling has taken a bit of a back seat recently but won't take me long to get back there. I was actually training with licensed pros & juniors every afternoon earlier in the year. That makes you fit!!! Attack after attack on every hill or long drag but after a while I was able to give as good as I got. I could even stay with the best climbers up long hills without a hassle. Anyone ever ridden up Linksfield Ridge with a bunch of guys 14 years younger? Lets just say it's 1km of "out of category" climbing and those guys are lightweights...tough.

I promise to pop in occasionally from now on.
BTW, hiya doing V02?
Those are awesome! What price they? If I wanted a painting like the DC one, but only with a Ferrari instead of a Mac, how much would it set me back?