Reminder: Pittsburgh Power Seminar June 23rd.

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    Here's the agenda:

    * 9:00-10:00 Introduction to training with power and Power tools.
    * 10:00-12:00 Power training steps, from your initial testing to
    detailed wattage workouts.
    * 12:00-1:15- Lunch
    * 1:15-2:30- Analysis of Power files and case studies. What does all the data mean?
    * 2:30-3:30- Analysis of YOUR power files! (Please email your files to Chris Popovic [email protected] by June 21, so he can bring them on the 23rd)
    * 3:30-4:30- Performance Manager - How to make sure you PEAK at the right time for your best performance.

    What you will learn:
    How to use your power meter effectively
    How to navigate and use CyclingPeaks Software
    How to design workouts to target specific areas(sprinting, time trialing, endurance,etc) using wattage based training.
    What all the little charts and graphs and power lines mean and how to interpret them!
    The latest in training with power: The Performance Manager Chart and how to make sure you come ON FORM when you want to.

    Who's Teaching?
    Hunter Allen - Recognized as one of the world's leading coaches in training and coaching with power, Hunter is the Co-Author of the book, "Training and Racing with a Power Meter", Co-developer of CyclingPeaks Software, and CEO and Founder of The Peaks Coaching Group. He has been presenting and teaching Training With Power concepts for 4 years now and has presented to over 2000 coaches and cyclists. He is a featured presenter and teacher for USA Cycling's Power Certification Course, which certifies cycling coaches to effectively coach their athletes with a power meter. The Peaks Coaching Group, ( which he founded is known as the leader in coaching athletes with a power meter and all the coaches are highly qualified in training with wattage. Hunter has personally coached over 500 athletes to numerous titles and race wins, and currently coaches a select group of athletes to perform their best. He also offers pre-built Wattage based Training Plans on