?? Removal of Corroded Brake Levers, Trek 730?

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  1. Hello all,

    I have a 11 year old Trek 730 that has had corrosion problems on the
    handlebar/brake lever straps from day one.

    Bike has always been kept inside yet I believe the disimilar metals
    used in the joined parts caused galvanic corrosion.

    Q: How the heck do I remove these levers? The straps on the handlebar
    seem to disappear into the lever body on both ends and there is no
    apparent way to disassemble the assembly.

    What is the trick here?



  2. JeffWills

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    [email protected] wrote:
    > What is the trick here?

    Squeeze the brake lever and look inside. There should be a hex socket,
    screw head, or bolt head visible. On some older levers, this will be
    behind the brake cable. Loosen this, and the lever should slide off.

    If it's extensively corroded or you have lots of old handlebar tape
    glue caked on the handlebar, you may need to remove the lever from the
    strap. This may slightly complicate reassembly but otherwise shouldn't
    cause you problems.

    On some newer levers (usually intergrated brake/shift levers) the clamp
    bolt is mounted on one side of the brake lever. From your description,
    I strongly doubt you have these.