Removal of subaceous cyst

Old Timer

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Dec 22, 2001
This is a personal matter but it may interest someone. For almost a year I have been bothered by a subaceous cyst just to the right of the perineum. This was getting quite painful after 1-2 hours in the saddle. Got fed up with it last Friday so saw the doctor and had it cut out the same day. Involved a couple of local injections, apparently a deep cut and three stitches. Obviously been off the bike since but the stitches come out tomorrow! Was planning on a long hard ride on Sunday but that does not seem practical at present, as still rather sore. (It's GOT to be OK in time for the Argus!)
Careful about rushing back Old Timer.... I've had one of those removed too as it was becoming infected. If you rush back on the saddle after getting stiches removed, you risk opening the wound again. That's what I did, and I was only on the bike for under an hour.
Once the stiches were removed, I was advised to wait about 7-10 days until the wound is COMPLETELY healed, i.e. NO risk of it opening.
Cipollini had one of those removed the week after the worlds and he took a few weeks off the bike after the stiches were taken out....
Go swimming or do a bit of jogging or skating or something to keep fit until the wound is healed.
what type of doctor did you see to have this removed? Did it ever get reinfected and what did they do to ensure it wouldnt get reinfected?