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  1. Remove blockages in 30 minutes!

    Times News Network The Times of India Thursday, February 26, 2004

    Pune - The city-based Ruby Hall Clinic has introduced a new surgery technique, which removes
    blockages in the brain, abdomen and the leg in just half-an-hour.

    US-based cardiac surgeon Subba Rao Myla has introduced the carotid angioplasty, renal angioplasty,
    peripheral angioplasty and coronary angioplasty techniques in the city and trained 20 doctors in the

    Myla said the major complication in carotid artery disease is the stroke, which has become the third
    leading cause of death in the US . ''Of the 7.5 lakh strokes every year, nearly 1.6 lakh have
    resulted in death,'' Myla said.

    He said a stroke could occur when there is localised damage to brain tissues caused by loss of
    oxygen or internal bleeding.

    ''Endovascular treatment of carotid artery disease can prevent a stroke. However, with the new
    technique of carotid angioplasty and stenting, surgeries are done in less than 30 minutes with
    minimal invasion of the body under local anaesthesia.

    "This is preferable to traditional surgery, which takes over two hours and leaves behind a big
    scar,'' Myla said. The cardiac surgeon has over 450 carotid angioplasty operations in the last 10
    years to his credit.

    The fact that carotid surgery is done under local anaesthesia helps avoid major complications like
    pneumonia and heart attacks. Also, the patient can be back home in two days and out to work on the
    third day after the surgery.

    Cardiac surgeon from Ruby Hall, Purvez Grant, said the angioplasties would cost anywhere between Rs
    1 lakh and Rs 2 lakh. ''It depends on the stents used and whether the block is in the neck, abdomen
    or the leg,'' he said.

    Blockages in the artery of the leg can cause severe pain in the leg. Poor nails and hair loss are
    common problems. If left untreated, it may lead to gangrene.

    ''Blockages in the arteries going to the brain could lead to loss of vision for a few moments
    because of the lack of blood supply or there could be temporary paralysis,'' Grant explained.

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