Remove Truvativ ISIS BB w/ TL-UN95



My Truvativ ISIS BB is creaking like a banshee. I only have
the Park BBT-2 so naturally I don't have the right tool. I
posted a pic to my riding buds and one guy says he thinks
he's got a tool. It is a Shimano TL-UN95.

Anyone know if this one does it? My research says it works
on XTR BB-950 and the BBT-8 works on the same so I think it
should. I don't have it yet so I can't test it. Can't find
too much info on this tool. Maybe it is obsolete by Shimano

I plan to remove the BB and clean it up then regrease it and
torque it to spec. Anyone know what size wrench/socket fits
this tool? My torque wrench is 3/8 drive but the guy says it
doesn't have any 3/8 drive. I might have to buy a socket to
fit if I don't have the right one (it might be kind of big).
He said "just slap it in and it will be OK, I never use a
torque wrench!". I say that he isn't anal like I am and he
wouldn't be fixing this creak. It's on a single speed so
this creak isn't assuring when cranking up a hill standing.
I don't need a handlebar moustache if you know what I mean
(not the Rollie Fingers kind...).

I've heard of using teflon tape on the threads but have
never done it. How much thread do you cover and does this
work? Do you use grease and teflon tape?

I know too many questions, see anal above. GP