Removing stuck seat post

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Sergio Servadio

The seat post was deadly stuck inside this nice Colnago steel frame. So, I decided to dig it out,
just to please a friend of mine.

For reasons we'll never know the post had been cut ery short and forcefully pushed inside the frame
as much as possible. Or even more than possible, the steel tube having suffered a slight but
noticable bulge.

First thing to do was to device good clamping. Not difficult on a wooden board once I remembered
that the inner triangle lies on a plane.

With a one-handle hacksaw I cut four grooves inside the tube, all along the 9 cms of its length.
Only two of them were complete in depth, through the aluminum down to the steel. I then inserted a
small steel rod from the draining aperture below the bottom bracket housing and I hammered the
damned stub out.

Total working time, 45 minutes.

Cost,? Nothing, since the blade is hardly worn out.

Nasty aluminum alloys are so soft ... .

Sergio Pisa
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