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Mercian Man

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Feb 17, 2003
I need to learn more about bikes and I am thinking of renovating my old school bike (Peugeot Carbolite framed 10 spd racer) as a way of learning. Wouldn't mind replacing some bits with better second hand stuff but I'm a bit worried about compatibility. Can someone advise what the main problems I'm likely to run into are with things like the wheels, gears, etc etc.
ok i think you might be wasting your time trying to get any sort of modern groupset onto a frame designed for 5 speed rears, even the cheapest shimano gear now comes in 8 speed and by the time you buy a groupset, new wheels and a few other bits and pieces IF you can find compatible parts you could have bought a brand new bike thats lighter and stiffer than the frame you are trying to do up

might be a nice idea but the rate of technical progress in equipment has been pretty rapid over the past few years and you wouldn't want to miss out on stuff like integrated brake/shift levers and lightweight frames. Also whatever you learn from tacking together some old parts won't help you much with the new gear either.

anyway thats my 2 cents
Cheers, seems to make sense, maybe I'll just strip it down, clean it and put it back together then.
OK what about wheels - if I find a couple of cheap second hand wheels - am I going to run into problems there?
again you may have issues with rear wheel compatibility if the new wheels carry different width cassettes. you would want to check carefully before you bought them

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