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    from March 5th till March 12th, two friends of mine and me are coming the long way from Germany to
    your sunshine State Florida and stay at an apartment in kissimmee. We want to use this time, and the
    warm weather to cycle all around Orlando to gain some practice for the upcoming cycle season here in
    Germany. As we found out, the area must be perfect for individual bike tours through the nature. To
    save some money, we are not planning to bring our own road bikes. thats why we are looking for a
    place to rent road bikes in the orlando area, but after spending hours searching the web, i did't
    find anything. Now my question, if you know a place. it would be a great help for us, because it's
    hard to organize and expensive too to bring the bikes by plane. Also it would be nice, if you could
    give us some tips for nice tours around Orlando , starting at kissemee. Our plan is , to make about
    60 to 80 miles a day . Perhaps you also know any organized tours or touring events through this time
    in the orlando area. at this time , we just have a florida state map, so its hard to organize any
    detailed tours. would you prefer tours more in the south of orlando or more to the west ? what is
    more exciting ? and last but not least a question about the florida keys. is is possible to cycle
    all the way from key largo to key west ? or is there heavy traffic ? because this tour would be a
    dream for us

    i would apreciate your help for our planings

    Greatings from cold germany


    Max Sammet jr.

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    Apr 23, 2004
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    I too am off to Orlando and want to rent a bike.
    Did you find a good place to rent for your trip?
    Please reply to
    [email protected]
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    David's World Cycles in orlando rents roadbikes, mountain bikes and
    hybrids. I think they are currently renting trek 1500 road bikes.

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    >Max, I too am off to Orlando and want to rent a bike. Did
    >you find a good place to rent for your trip? Please reply
    >to [email protected] danke