Replacement for Shimano Tigra Triple Dérailleur or can I fix spring


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Sep 19, 2007
I have a Daws Audax and the spring has gone on the front derallier. I think I need to replace the whole unit. What would be a good replacement. I would like something decent but dont want to spend megabucks. Something under £25 hopefully.



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Jul 23, 2005
Based on the range of SHIMANO front derailleurs which I have used-or-accumulated, my impression is that the signficant difference is in the clamp (stamped steel to cast/forged aluminum) ... there is a modest difference in the spring mechanism is due to fore mentioned material choice ... and, there is almost no true difference in the actual cage design for a given "speed" & crank type.

With Shimano shifters, for optimum shifting, you want to replace like-with-like ...

If your Tiagra is a 9-speed, then you can choose ANY 9-speed Shimano ROAD front derailleur ...

  • I prefer the 6500-and-6503 (Ultegra) because it has the singular design oddity amongst the 9-speed Shimano front derailleurs of the parallelogram being bolted to the clamp & spring assembly rather than being riveted ...

If a riveted front derailleur is acceptable (and, why wouldn't it be?), then a '105' front derailleur is just as good as a Dura Ace ... with the choice of the DA being unnecessary conspicuous consumption ... so, the choice probably boils down to being between the 105 & Ultegra front derailleurs.

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