Replacement rim suggestions!

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    Hi All, I need to replace a rim that is cracked around the spokes (700C). This is my bike:

    I can't find any info on my current rim, but am looking to replace it with a rim that is "fast" on pavement and can handle well on dirt and gravel trails. I don't know much about rim profiles or rim technology, etc, so I'm looking for some suggestions on manufacturers of rims that perform well and aren't too costly. Also, any links to info on how to choose a rim would be helpful too! Thanks!

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    Unless you also is ready to replace the spokes, you start with finding your ERD. This will limit your choices considerably. Once you have a (small) selection of rims with a matching ERD, picking the one most suited will usually be quite simple.
    Very little of your speed comes from your rims, particularly below 20 mph. There is a TINY advantage from ”aero”, high profile rims, WHEN paired with the appropriate tire, AND at 20+ mph, during sustained effort.
    But that’d entirely scuttle any plans of reusing the spokes.
    And rims don’t really ”handle” any surface, since they’re not in contact with the surface. Tire choice, tire pressure is FAR more important. After matching ERD and hole count, (and brake tracks If you use rim brakes) I suggest you look at weight, since for similar designs it’ll be a decent indicator of strength.
    And ”aren’t too costly” doesn’t really work. How would anyone else know what you think of as ”costly” WRT bikes?
    My most expensive rims were something like USD130 apiece.
    And I’ve got riding buddies who’d consider those as ”training” wheels.
    To me, rims aren’t that ”sexy”.
    Sure, light rims are important If you’re trying to build a light wheelset.
    But I don’t think I’ve ever thought about my rims while riding.
    Brakes that don’t bite enough, sure. Brakes that squeal, certainly.
    Gears that don’t go in smoothly, of course. Rims, as long as they work - no.
    As far as brands goes: as long as you don’t buy a name-for-the-day branded (chinese) carbon fiber rim, you’ll be OK. They’ll all provide decent service.
    There are inexpensive rims from Mavic and DTSWISS that should be ”safe” choices. Not that there is anything wrong with Weinmann or Alexrims.
    How to pick:
    -start with the brakes. A hub braked bike can use a rim brake rim. A rim brake bike often can’t use a disc brake rim.
    - continue to the hub, number of holes. And sometimes drilling pattern.
    - are you looking to keep the spokes? Time to hunt for a matching ERD
    - new spokes, pick whatever rim that matches hole count, has an appropriate width for the tires you want to use, fits your price, and is meant for the kind of riding you want to do. Doing easy riding on a 600 g rim isn’t going to hurt anything. Dropping off curbs clumsily on a 450 g rim might.
    - what kind of tires are you thinking about? If you want to run tubeless, it is easier to do so on Tubeless-Ready rims.
    How to find ERD on a built-up wheel:
    - I’ve had good luck measuring the inner diameter of the rim, then adding 6 mm.
    - or you can remove one spoke, measure that, and the hub. Then try different numbers in a spoke length calculator until you find your ERD.
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    Based on your questions, it's unclear whether you're looking for a rim or a complete wheel. It also doesn't sound like you have the knowledge to replace a rim, then re-tension and true a wheel. There's no way anyone can make accurate recommendations based on the sparse information you've provided. You either need to provide much more information here or take your bike to a shop for repairs.