Replacing cassette, chain and crank set

Simon Funnell

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Oct 7, 2012
Hi there

I'm a bit of a newbie to the bike maintenance side of things having only recently gotten back into cycling following a running injury. I bought a Giant SCR3.0 2007 model a few years ago off ebay and looking at it now, it needs a bit of work.

The cassette is badly worn and I've never been convinced that the crank set was true. It always feels to be a bit twisted. So I'm looking at replacing these parts.

I'm on a bit of a budget so I want to replace as little as possible so I was planning on doing a like-for-like (ish) replacement. It has an 8 speed cassette which I was thinking I could replace with a Shimano HG50 8 Speed Cassette - with a supposedly compatible chain -

The bit I'm a bit stuck on is the crank set. It's currently got a Truvativ Touro triple set, so I'm looking to get a suitable (and realistically affordable) replacement to that.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance


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Jan 11, 2009
if you decided to upgrade then upgrade into 9 or 10 speed, lookout this beautie triple crankset by shimano at a low price: + (note on this bottom bracket, its a better design, the latest, and is cheap in price) (crankset need to match the bottom bracket system) ( and there are 2 threads to chose on: British- most likely your bike, or Italian) + 10 speed cassette by shimano + 10 speed chain by shimano + rear mech 10 speed long cage (for a triple cranset) if the bike was bought in year 2007 it is likely that your rear hub is 10 speed capable, or at list 9 speed taking out a washer on the hub itself, in that case shop for 9 speed i had a hard time finding a good crankset for 8 speed, so i reassure you that its better to upgrade into 9 or 10 anyway, so we are talking about 175 pounds for a quality and new 10 speed drivetrain, quite reasonable alternatively take it as it is to the shop and have the guys check out your truvativ crank, which is not bad brand either, your existing cassette, if it works, there is no reason to replace it really, a cassette needs immediate replacement once the chain starts to jump and distrups your pedalling, assuming that the shifting and gearing is well calibrated, it could be dirty though, well washed looks like new,


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Jun 17, 2010
You can also just replace the chain rings on your existing crank. I would find it to be a bit odd if the crank itself was twisted.


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Jul 23, 2005
Any FSA MegaEXO crankset ... if you are a wise shopper, then you can get one off of eBay for under £40 ...

You' may need a BB tool to remove the old crank & BB ... if it has a GXP BB then you may be able to unthread the cups with just your hands (remember, the drive side has a LEFT HAND THREAD) ...

You may be able to install the new, MegaExo BB cups with just hand strength ...