replacing hubs


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Mar 28, 2013
hi guys/girls
im looking for advice on replacing the rear hub on a dura ace wheel.funds are tight so i wont be able to replace with same as old one.
any tips on what i could possibly use as a replacement with a budget of $100
FWIW. Have you considered simply replacing the bearings OR even simpler, simply repacking the bearings?
  • AND/OR, you could simply replace the Freehub body with another 8-/9-/10-speed Freehub body OR an 11-speed Freehub body. BTW. If you are just going with a 9-speed hub, then cannibalzing a NOS 105 hub for the bearings & Freehub body ([COLOR=808080]see Sheldon Brown's website for assistance ... I have found that the hub needs to be (at least loosely) laced in order to remove a Shimano Freehub body from the hub[/COLOR]) would probably be less expensive than buying the Freehub body from your LBS & you would have a new set of bearings.
Otherwise, I recommend you consider an Ultegra hub.