Replacing shifter cable

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Sam Huffman, May 29, 2003.

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  1. Sam Huffman

    Sam Huffman Guest

    A couple days ago I lost the endcap on my front shifter cable. Of course the end frayed to the
    retaining bolt. So a cable replacement seems to be in order.

    I've never done this, and wasn't able to find any basic information on the web, Sheldon's site, or
    the FAQ (SHeldon's cable article was close, though), so I have a few questions:

    1) Can I reuse the existing cable housing? I'm assuming I can just pull the existing cable through
    the housing to remove it, then thread the new cable through the already installed housing?

    2) What type of cable should I use? If it matters, this is for an Ultegra STI triple setup. I see
    Teflon coated cable, stainless steel cable, "PTFE" coated cable, pre-stretched, etc.. Do the
    cables generally come with endcaps?

    3) After a cursory inspection I couldn't see how to release the cable from my STI lever. Is there a
    screw or something that needs to be loosened to allow the cable to be removed?

    Thanks for any information, Sam

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.