Replacing the free wheel cassette

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    Apr 8, 2003
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    Hello All,
    I have minimal experience working in depth on mountain bikes but consider myself ample with tools. I have a homegrown pro that has a Shimano 11/34T rear cassette and I want to replace it with the XT M750, 11/32T. I have some idea of what to do but would like some advice from those with experience in this replacement. I do have access to the correct tools but would like to attempt the replacement myself. Also, is there an archive in this forum for small jobs such as this?
    thanx so much in advance!


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    Apr 8, 2003
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    No archive as far as I'm aware, a good idea though.... Admin?

    OK, so you'll need a chain whip, a lockring tool and a crescent wrench (or ideally a torque wrench, especially as you've never done this before).

    1. Take the wheel off and the skewer out of the wheel.
    2. Insert the lockring tool as far as you can in the lockring, so that the teeth of the tool are fully engaged.
    3. Stand the wheel up in front of you, drive side out, bracing the top of the wheel against your legs.
    4. Get the chain whip in your left hand, with the whip side facing right. Wrap the length of chain somewhere around the middle of the cogstack so that the handle of the chain whip points out at about 2 o'clock.
    5. Put your shifter on the lock ring tool at about 10 o'clock and unscrew it.
    6. Once the lockring is unscrewed all the cogs should lift straight off.
    6.5. Grease the splines of the freehub body.
    7. Take your new cluster and put all the cogs and spacers on. Make sure they're all writing side out, and all the 'key splines' (one spline is longer than the rest) are lined up (on most hubs it's impossible to do it any other way.
    8. thread the lock ring back on by hand , then tighten it up to the torque specified on the lock ring.

    9. Ride away happy and enjoy your new gearing....why did you want to get rid of the 34? I love 'em!

    If you don't like my instructions, and/or want to see some pictures, go
    This is also a great resource for all your other bike maintenance questions.