Reply to Diet/Execise needed to curb low HDL/pre-Diabetes patterns?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Andrew, Mar 16, 2004.

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    Thanks to all for your suggestions! I would like to follow
    up with some data and questions.

    I am not a smoker, excessive drinker, or drug user. Most of
    my weight gain has been in fact in the form of muscle, no
    doubt, however, I have reason to think that fat has gone up
    too. It is difficult to gain muscle mass without loading a
    little fat in your diet, so I think I have increased both
    since I lost weight a long time ago. To give you some
    numbers, I have gained 50 pounds since a few years back -
    most of this is muscle, don't worry, but I suspect some of
    it is fat as well.

    I do occassionally overtrain myself unintentionally, but I
    don't think it is related to the problem of low HDL/pre-
    Diabetes patterns.

    My triglycerides are around 80 and my HDL is around 25 to
    give you some benchmarks, so as you can see, I'm bouncing
    around a ratio of 3.

    Re: Niacin - what are people's opinions of Niacinamide or
    whatever the "flush-free niacin" is - is it worth the
    money? Will it have a noticible impact or should I just
    just jog more?

    Re: Diet - what are examples of foods that are high in
    protein but low in carbs and fat? I need a high volume of
    protein to support my weight training, but it seems like
    most meat, nut, and cheese products are inevitiably bundled
    with fat & carbs - any ideas on good protein only foods?

    Really appreciate the help.