Repost: The REAL RBR Deathmatch

Bob Schwartz wrote:
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> > Dumbass -
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> > Which one is which?

> The one on the canvas is Albright.
> Seeing those two guys pound the **** out of each other
> was truly an rbr highlight.

Dumbass -

It may be an RBR highlight, but I don't know if "pound the **** out of
each other" is an accurate description of the events.

It looked like to me they were typical cyclists with not a whole lot of
upper body strength rendering them unable to really hurt each other.

It'd be more interesting to see an updated Ultimate Fighting Man rules
rematch of the "Deathmatch". Then they could do stuff like knee each
other in the head and maybe one of them would get truly tooled.


K. Gringioni.