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    In honor of my girlfriend's hard drive crashing on Saturday past when it's been six months or so since she last did a backup (yep, that screaming you heard was her), I want to give her an audio clip I found on the internet about a brazillian years and five jobs ago.

    It's a recording of a call to a tech support line in which a guy explains he's not happy. As the call opens up, you can tell he's close to tears, but as it goes on and on and he gets to the meat of the matter (i.e., he's not happy his hard drive was replaced because he hadn't backed up *anything* at all) the tone of the phone call and his voice...changes.

    Loudly and obscenely, everything changes.

    You can actually hear the veins on his forehead and in his neck popping...feel the spittle flying from his mouth...and see his face turn red, then plaid, then blurple. If you've heard it before, you know the one I'm talkin' about. If anyone has a copy of or a link to this recording, I would be much obliged and I'll try to show my gratitude in an appropriate manner.

    (BTW, my gf's computer is fixed. While she went to the Caps-Panthers game, I went to CompUSA, bought a new 300 GB SATA drive for just under $200, installed a new OS on that drive as the boot drive, and we can now access the data on her old drive so that she can do a backup. Of course, had her drive crashed the next day I could have bought a 160 GB drive for about $60, or the same 300 GB drive at a 10% discount, but that's another story. She now has about 800 terrabytes of storage, and she better start backing her stuff up 'cause next time that happens *I'M* goin' to the hockey or baseball game.).