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  1. Gnocchi Sauce
    Disguising Ricotta
    Turkish Pilaf
    Ideas for Oscar night Dinner
    Spinach Rolls
    Persian Chicken and Rice
    French Country Casserole


    From: "Sam Gleizer" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Gnocchi Sauce

    I am requesting sauces for Gnocchi. Something different from marinara or
    pesto. Thanks


    From: "Brad Oakley" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Disguising Ricotta

    I am fortunate to me given large containers of ricotta cheese from yime to
    time. I personally like ricotta but my family doesn.t much care for it.
    I am looking for ways to cook with ricotta as an ingredient but where it
    is not really noticable as an ingredients. Ricotta incognito


    From: "Robin Wiggins" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Turkish Pilaf

    I am hoping some person out there hes heard of Turkish Pilaf. I love this
    type of rice and would really like to make it myself.


    From: "Katheryne Leverette" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Ideas for Oscar night Dinner

    I am having some friends over for drinks and a buffet dinner on Oscar
    night. I need some suggestions for good things to prepare. We willl be
    eating on TV trays in front of the TV so I think the food should be easy
    to eat nad not require cutting. Any ideas?


    From: "Adam" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Spinach Rolls

    Looking for spinach Rolls


    From: Mandy Lawson <[email protected]>
    Subject: Persian Chicken and Rice

    I would like to get a recipe for a Persian (or Iranian) Chicken and Rice.
    Something I can make with the spices I can find in my local stores.


    From: "Russ Dalbey" <[email protected]>
    Subject: French Country Casserole

    I was given a ceramic pot which I think was used to make baked casseroles.
    As I understand it, you put stuff in this pot and bake it for a long time
    at a low temperature. Does anyone have recipe for this? Thanks

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