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Patricia D . Hi

Corky's Potato Salad

Poulet Fleuri - Flowering Chicken Homemade Chicken Verde Traditional Chinese Breakfast recipes
Georgian "egg-rolls" - Chebureky Using One Banana, Two Banana Starlight Cake Moroccan Bastilla


Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 09:28:24 -0500 From: Thomas Shunick <[email protected]> Subject:
Corky's Potato Salad

In Memphis, Corky's is famous for their BBQ and their Cole Slaw, but a friend says their potatoe
salad is out of this world. Can anyone share that recipe? Thanks.


From: "Elly" <[email protected]> Subject: Poulet Fleuri - Flowering Chicken Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2004
13:48:11 +0100

I am looking for a recipe for Poulet Fleuri - Flowering Chicken. It is chicken wrapped around
vegetables. Any recipes would be appreciated?

Thank you, Elly


From: "Cindy" <[email protected]> Subject: Homemade Chicken Verde Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2004
10:40:11 +0000

I don't know where or when it was but someone posted a recipe for a Homemade Chicken Verde and it
was delicious. I guess I lost it becaue I can't find it now. I would appreciate it if someone would
post it or a similar recipe Thanks CindyC


From: "Susan Collier" <[email protected]> Subject: Traditional Chinese Breakfast recipes Date:
Wed, 10 Feb 2004 16:06:25 -0000

I am looking for recipes for traditional Chinese breakfast foods.. Any ideas??


From: "Joyce" <[email protected]> Subject: Georgian "egg-rolls" - Chebureky Date: Wed, 10
Feb 2004 12:09:24 -0000

I am looking for a recipe for the Georgian "egg-rolls" called Chebureky. Any one have any ideas or
maybe just other Georgian recipes. Thanks.


From: "Lindy" <[email protected]> Subject: Using One Banana, Two Banana Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2004
10:09:04 -0000

I am looking for something simple I can do with one or two bananas which get too ripe for us to eat.
I hate to throw them away. can anyone help me thank you



From: "Georgia" <[email protected]> Subject: Starlight Cake Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2004 00:05:50 -0000

I think this was a cake recipe published in a McCalls magazine years and years ago. My Mom cut out
the recipes and we made it often enough so that I bacame a family favorite. Now we have lost the
recipe. Please help.


From: "Paul Revere" <[email protected]> Subject: Moroccan Bastilla Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2004
06:45:54 GMT -0000

Hi everyone!

I want to find out about Moroccan Bastilla. I ate it at a restaurant and really like it. does anyone
have a recipe for the real thing??

Thank you very much. Paul Revere

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