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  1. Romantic Swedish Dinner Soup with Fiber Donburi Clootie Dumpling


    From: Jackie Turner <[email protected]> Subject: Romantic Swedish Dinner Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2004
    02:44:47 -0000

    I want to make a romantic dinner for a special someone. He really misses Swedish food so I want
    it to be Swedish recipes. It should also be something I can make in advance, take to his place
    and heat up.


    From: Emily <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2004 22:03:41 -0000 Subject: Soup with Fiber

    I am looking for a recipes for a very simple soup with lots of fiber. It would be nice if it also
    had extra vegetables. .I am hoping you have a recipe where you combine ingredients and simmer for a
    few minutes for a healthy soup with lots of fiber. Any help would be appreciated. Thank!


    From: "jquiggle" <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2004 01:53:47 -0000 Subject: Donburi

    Does anyone happen to have this recipe?


    From: Sandy <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2004 15:57:38 -0800 Subject: Clootie Dumpling

    I have hear of Clootie Dumpling but I have never seen a recipe. Any help would be appreciated.
    :( Thanks!

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