research project



I am doing a pilot research study as part of my BA graduation requirement at Kepler College
( and am looking for another 125 volunteers for the study. This is an honest study -
no gimmics.

The focus of the pilot study is to determine whether a meaningful and statistically significant
relationship can be found between tissue/cell/Schuessler salts and the natal Sun sign as historical
astrological theory suggests. As an initial pilot study, a narrow scope will be used. The research
question will attempt to answer whether an [undisclosed] Sun sign has a greater response to its
associated cell salt than other Sun signs.

As I mentioned above, I need another 125 participants for the pilot study by February 15th, 2004.
Volunteers need to be: (1) between 18 - 74 years old,
(2) willing to answer 48 questions about the state of their health pre- and post-treatment, and (3)
willing to take cell salt tablets twice a day for one month beginning March 1, 2004, (4) not
currently taking cell salts, (5) reside in North America, and (6) need to know their day, year,
time, and place of birth.

All volunteer information will be under the strictest confidentiality. All participants will receive
a copy of the study conclusions. The study is self-funded.

If you would be interested or would like more information, please contact me directly at
[email protected]. Please type "tissue salt study" in the subject line so that I know your
interest and can respond immediately.