Respray of AM7


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Nov 1, 2002
:pI am about to strip a 1983 AM7 for respray and rebuild. Anything I should particularly look out for or be wary of? Will be careful to label and store the front sus bits, and to block up holes against overspray. Thanks. :-\
Wish I could help you, but I'm not at all familiar with your model.<br />I'd suggest you find the Moulton Club website, U.K. based, then look up the workshop articles there. <br /><br />Whilst you have the frame stripped, and before the repaint, it might be worthwhile to consider what braze-on items could be added for future convenience, such as bidon cages (if not already present), cable guides (in case different rear hubs/gears come along), vee-brake mounts, etc.<br /> <br />Good Luck.
Thanks for the interest. I have Tony Hadland's book "The Space Frame Moulton" (excellent). It contains exploded drawings - handy for reassembling the forks. :)
You're welcome. If the paint job's good, perhaps you could recommend the paint shop, in case other cyclists may want to use it. Thanks.
How did you go with the repaint Vagabond. My Landrover APB needs doing and i would like to know how you removed the paint.