RESULT: passes vote 79:6

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    The vote has passed by 79 YES votes to 6 NO votes. There were 0
    abstentions and 5 invalid votes detected.

    Total number of votes received: 90
    Number of YES votes: 79
    Number of NO votes: 6
    Number of ABSTAIN votes: 0

    For a vote to pass, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and
    NO) votes. There must also be at least 20 more YES votes than NO votes.
    Abstentions, invalid votes and multiple votes do not affect the outcome.
    Anybody wishing to challenge the scoring must do so in

    A five-day discussion period follows this announcement. If no serious
    allegations of voting irregularities or scoring mistakes are raised,
    ausadmin will issue the newgroup message shortly afterward.

    Votes marked as invalid or multi-votes were not counted in the result.

    The voting period started at: 2005-09-05 03:14:10 -0500
    The voting period ended at: 2005-09-19 19:00:00 -0500


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    Multiple vote report follows. The meaning of this report is documented

    Multiple vote group: MULTI-1127256906
    Date: 2005-09-08 07:19:11
    From: "Clayton Lawrence" <clayton.lawrence at>

    Date: 2005-09-08 07:19:31
    From: "V6TT" <v6tt at>

    Multiple vote group: MULTI-1127259880
    Date: 2005-09-10 06:53:48
    From: Kerri McCrorey <goaldeebug at>

    Date: 2005-09-10 06:57:10
    From: "Kerri McCrorey" <kerri at>

    Date: 2005-09-10 07:09:50
    From: "Kerri McCrorey" <goaldeebug at>

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