Result Post - What I bought after posting here


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Oct 16, 2013
Greetings... I posted many months ago, but waited until I actually NEEDED a bike before going yesterday to purchase one. I mentioned in my previous post how I am an overweight person who would only use the bike for commuting, and no real off roading, and I received many positive comments regarding the plan to purchase a Specialized Hardrock Sport Disk 29er. Yesterday, I purchased the Black and Red version that is on this page (, and have commuted with it twice so far.

This thing rides pretty darn nicely. I didn't really have a problem with my previous bike regarding the roughness of the road/sidewalk (which I would assume is due to the bike's shocks), so it's hard to say that the new bike is significantly better, but it certainly is fine and my buttocks aren't complaining. But there was an IMMEDIATE improvement noticed with the smoothness of peddling, and the smoothness and lightness of the brakes. I certainly am riding faster and with a more consistent motion with this smooth peddling gears. And after months of serious firm grips when braking, I am now having to remind myself to squeeze gently. It's quite nice, having a quality new bike, and I have some hope that it will not break down as fast as the previous bike did.

In case anyone reading this is in the Santa Rosa, California (United States) area, I purchased this bike for $760 bucks after tax (lifetime warranty on the frame, 1 year warranty on the parts, with two free adjustments in the first 6 months), from "The Bike Peddler" store. The purchase date was April 6, 2014, and the price for this bike was the same for over six months that I watched for it (no sales of this bike seen during that time).

The only negative I have with the bike so far is that for some reason, people NOTICE the bike. At least 5 separate times people noticed the bike while I was at a restaurant, and did the "ooooh, look at this" dance around it like it was a Bentley automobile or something. Three of these folks were homeless and possibly scoping it out. And this is while it was in a bike rack with several other bikes. I do NOT understand why they notice the bike (it's bare naked with no tech gear like a Go-Pro or GPS, etc.,and no blings), and now I am thinking I have to get theft insurance for it. Sheesh.

So, anyway, thought I would post this here, let people know that there are folks reading your post and listening to advice. Thanks to the people who help out, and hopefully the price info will let others know whether their price is good or not.