return from illness


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Sep 10, 2006
I havent been able to ride for basically the last two months due to a case of Mono. I'm 6'1.5'' and over these two months, I've gone from 153 pounds to 175 due to inactivity and prescribed steroids for my illness.
I will be completing my second full year of riding around April and just completed my first 4 races late this summer. For reference, I rode around 7k miles from April-October this year. Its looking like the first race I would like to enter for 2008 is in late March. What sort of extra recovery time should I expect for returning to my pre-sickness condition? I have a set of rollers, but try to ride outside whenever possible. I don't like lifting weights, but I have a weight training course 1.5 hrs 2 days a week for 8 weeks starting in february. Is there anything that I should be focusing on either on rollers or in the weight room, keeping in mind that my goal is to be a better climber?