Reubens was robbed!



IMO, Ferrari should not have ordered him to move aside. I gotta give it to Michael though, what a class act. He gave Reubens the top step of the poidium, the trophy, and the middle seat during the post race interview. Looks like Michael was not too happy about the team orders too...Ralf looked ever more dissapointed. Reubens, though officially lost, was the best man that day and Jean Todt should have given him his just rewards.

Reubens also signed up for 2 more years, is he hoping that Michael will retire soon?

Your thoughts?
Wasnt the a rule put into place back in 98 or 99 to stop tactics like this?
Shouldn't both Reubens and MS be disqualified ? ::)
It's like taking candy from a baby. What whould they have done if Reubens and MS said to hell with this? Nothing!!!!!
Do you think MS should have resisted team orders by letting Reubens cruise on ahead of him? It's not like the team will fire him for insubordination....
MS was employed back in 1996 to get Ferrari back on track, that is, to win both championships. As he was the current WDC then, their hopes were on his shoulders, but he himself said that a Ferrari revival and comeback must be built on a solid team foundation. Ever since MS joined Ferrari, there have been team orders. Ferrari have always made this clear.
Irvine lasted 2 seasons with Ferrari. When MS was in the hunt for the WDC, EI rode shotgun for MS. That season saw MS break his leg at Silverstone, and suddenly EI had a chance. Upon returning to racing, MS was under orders to help EI win the WDC, and we saw him ride shotgun for EI. This is how it is at Ferrari. The driver not gunning for the WDC will always be a domestique. EI is a good example. He earned a fat salary, usually ended the race in the top 6, and even ended WDC runner-up. But he did not like this position. Is he better off at Jaguar now? Go figure.
RB knows that he is not the chosen one to wear the WDC crown at Ferrari. His role is to assist MS win the WDC, and help Ferrari win the CC by firstly finishing, and secondly, finishing in a position as high as possible. No-one enjoyed the final moments of the race on Sunday. MS was just as taken aback as everyone else was, but in the end, its all about points. Anything can still happen in the season. 2 or 3 MS retirements and the WDC is a different picture. It could of been MS taken out by Heidfeld. This sort of thing can happen to anyone.
It's a difficult situation for Ferrari: do they ensure MS takes maximum points and strengthen their chances for the WDC, or do they keep us fans happy and let RB take his second win and then hope that MS doesn't lose the WDC in the final race by 4 points?
It was very interesting.

I can see where Ferrari are coming from, and I can also see why it is wrong, and shouldn't happen.

It's a tough call to make, but even though Reubens didn't get the points, the events after the race, everybody knew that Reubens was the real winner.
i didnt watch the F1 i was watching superman3 on BBC1
:( lol and then I watch birmingham vs norridge int he playoffs!
What about all the poor sods who bet on Reubens winning ?

I bet they're not to happy about the result.
What about all the poor sods who bet on Reubens winning ?

I bet they're not to happy about the result.

Some betting shops are paying on Ruebens.  Others are not.  One betting shop owner said that because Schummi has the fastest car and Ruebens was on pole they (the punters) should have smelt a rat.   8) 8)
what was sp special about this race (i didnt watch it) what happened why was ruebens robbed ?
dimboy2 - seeing as nobody else has enlightened you so far, let me be the one ;)

To give you the short account - Reubens was in pole position, he led the whole race, he was about to win, and just before he crossed the finish line, he snail paced and let MS pass him - as per team instructions, and as the other guys have stated, to ensure MS got the necessary points towards the championship. Many F1 fans are not happy with the blatant way this was done, etc. and especially Reubens fans too! Others have the viewpoint as was stated in previous posts.

So there you have it :)
i can see why they do it and i think its no problems. It happens in cycling all the time. A team has a Major Sprinter/Climber and the other riders (Domestiques) sacrifice their individual placing to help them.