Reynolds T-bone 700/700

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Roy, Feb 14, 2004.

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    I am quite smitten with the ride of my dual 700. I have sram 9SL and X0 mix along with rotorcranks,
    campy headset and carbon fork. Dialing it in is a bit of a labor of love - but once there it is a
    very sweet handling machine indeed. It behaves well at slower speeds and those
    >50 mph on my favorite hi-speed coast down. The design is stiff in the
    front where power is transfered and more forgiving in the rear where the chainstays are designed to
    absorb the road.

    I am at a loss why more of the consumers interested in a dual big wheel bikes have overlooked the
    Reynolds in order to buy a steel bike in the approx. same price range. Its not because of the fit,
    the seat heights on all the bikes in that group are about equal. The custom ti tubes that George
    uses are beautiful and beautifully welded together; the bike is 1st class. I suppose the T-Bones
    suffers some from Georges original design that although a work of art, was less polished than the
    bikes he builds today. I have owned 3 of George's bikes. This one is far and away the friendliest
    and most refined...but don't be lulled into thinking that this is just another bike useful for all
    things recumbent; this bike is built without apologies to perform.

    I know that he offers a couple of routes as far as the front fork setup for the bike. I bought a
    carbon cyclocross fork that will accommodate v-brakes and wide, wide tires. He now machines a custom
    piece that allows you to mount any road brake on the back of any 1" front fork. This means you can
    use any 1" 700c fork up front from the most expensive Reynolds Carbon to an EBay special.

    However the best thing (for me)is the wheels and the tires. Glorious 700c roadie/touring/cyclocross
    supplies. An endless supply of goodies that will fit, that are quality and can be found on sale. No
    more $45 406 tires for me!


    snazytexan? I am located in Wichita Falls.

    [email protected] wrote: <snip> What do you owners of the Reynolds T-bone 700/700 have to
    say... set up (component wise) and what do you think of the ride?

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    Roy, what does your bike tip the scales at?
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    > Roy, what does your bike tip the scales at?

    With the cyclocross fork, 37c touring boats for tires, sturdy wheels, astro turf seat cover and a
    headrest it came in at just north of 24 lbs. I only list the stuff I would change if I was trying to
    impress someone with the weight. I cold easily shave 2 or more lbs if I weight weenied the stuff I
    have listed.