RFI Performance Axiom ProTrainer


Terry Rudd

Posted for a friend:

Last year, I purchased an Axiom ProTrainer (the one that hooks to the
PC) at Performance Bike. When Spring came, I put the thing away to do
some outdoor riding, but accidentally seperated the trainer from the
power supply.

Now I'm trying to identify the right power supply to plug into the
trainer unit...unfortunately, I have a box of supplies, and it may have
gotten tossed in with others that have different voltages, but the same
physical connector.

I've tried the tech support people at Performance and the local
Performance stores, but haven't had any luck with them. If someone
happens to have the ProTrainer (gray/silver) version, could they please
check the supply and see if it says the voltage and current ratings?

Many thanks...this was a dumb mistake on my part.