RH 105 lever travel/ play

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My right hand 9 speed 105 STI shifter is functionally satisfactory, shifting to each cog with the
appropriate clicks and precision. The A and B levers stay together when they should, and the B lever
moves independently to upshift without a problem.

However, at the resting point, the lever is angled out to the right; it has too much travel between
the "home" position and the first ratchet click. The extra sweep is taken up with just some play-
the lightest of finger pressure will move it to vertical.

I've compared this directly with a new 105 shifter, which comes to rest essentially vertical,
without as much play before the first ratchet click.

Has anybody dealt with this? From the exploded view of the mechanism, which component has the
lever stop?


Thanks, Nicholas Grieco
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