Ride or race with biggest climbs...

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    Jul 6, 2003
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    Would like to learn about everyones training rides or races with the highest cimbs in them. The length, grade, location an roughly how long it took.

    Where I use to live in British Columbia, Canada. We had huge mountains with roads on them. One of my training rides including two huge climbs. The first was a 11km climb of 7-9%. Then it flatten out thru a little ski down for two km and climbed again for 9km at 6-7%. Then after 60km of rolling hills. Had another climb of 10km at 7-8%.

    We had a club race over this route. Awesome to see racers from all over attend. The first climb took me 27 minutes. Second climb 23 minutes and last climb of route 29 minutes. It was kinda unfair, as we got to train on these mountains.

    Also had another mountain pass I would train on. 19km long with 6-8%. Never raced on this one. Best training time was 54 minutes.....