Ride partner for Route 66 tour - 2008


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Mar 28, 2007
Hi Members & guest's. :)

I'm riding US Route 66 next year & looking to find a ride partner.

Is there anyone out there who had thought of riding this? (I'm aware of the 'bikefriday' website who do the annual Route 66 tour, but the idea of having all you luggage / spares in a back-up van seems like cheeting, for me the idea of cycling is to be self sufficient, just the riders, panniers & bikes).

I've done 2 long tours to date (London to Barcelona) & found it slightly lonely at times, & also having to push myslef to keep on schedule was demanding, so with 2 people (or more) it would prove better & more interesting. I was looking in the region of 90 ~ 100mile a day.
Anyone with reasonable interest please contact me, i'm in UK, but anyone welcome.

Mark Wallis.
There is little as epic as a really long bike ride. It resets your mind, challenges your body and spirit. It stirs and purges, soothes and recharges. Just you, and everything you need to live, packed up on your bike.