Ride With GPS android app now available, logging + navigation


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Sep 25, 2009
I am an owner/developer of http:/ridewithgps.com and wanted to announce the release of our Android app, now available in the Google Play store.

The app prioritizes rock-solid logging and battery efficiency. Meaning we won't drain your battery and we won't lose your recorded ride even if your phone dies. Battery use while recording GPS and BTLE sensor data is about 5% an hour on a Nexus 5 or Galaxy S4. It steps up to 8-10% while navigating a pre-planner route. Additionally, it supports just about any BTLE sensor, including power from Stages or Powertap meters.

Ride With GPS basic/premium users get live logging (with a variable update frequency) so your family can track your progress and photos. Additionally, navigation with spoke voice cues keeps you on track when you are in unfamiliar terrain. We are soon going to release off course warnings and offline map support as well.

We are committed to taking user suggestions and quickly releasing any bug fixes or suggestions. As a result of great feedback over the last week, we have a number of improvements in the pipeline for release next week. Give it a try and don't hesitate to reach out to us with any ideas or bug reports, we appreciate them!

Final note: we are working hard on an iOS app for all you iPhone users. The goal is to release it by June so as to still get it out there for this season.