rider of the year?

Lance Armstrong's ride up Hautacam has to be the ride of the year!
Lance destroyed all the climbers, simply astounding.

see ya's
I'll have to agree with that, lance kicked some major **** ;D
is that language allowed in here? ;)
It all depends in the context of its use, common sense applies. Saying <insert name> kicked **** is alot different to calling someone a C_unt or Sl_t.

If general, widely excepted language offends anyone here, my advice is to go down to the local and have a few drinks with some real people or spend some time in your local training bunch.

Its obvious anyone who’s offended has been on the www (world wide waste of time) for to long.

Put downs or insults are not tolerated. If you can’t say it to your mother…….don’t say it here.

Goto http://www.cyclingforum.f2s.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=announce&action=display&num=2 i'm sure you'll see we have covered almost everything here.

Anna Wilson has recently been married and is now Anna Millward  8)


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Ullrich at the olympic road race is my pick for ride of the year.

I think the stand out rider for the season would be Eric Zabel being this consistant is simply astounding - Lance winning the tour is not near as good!

Lance's battle with cancer shouldn't be brought into this.....since its irrelevant to the 2000 racing season. I feel this is why so many people favour Lance.
Interesting point about Lance and cancer. You must still admire the guy, no matter how brash and immature he may come across when being interviewed by the media!

We never saw much of Jan Ullrich's win at sydney....channel 7 stuffed the coverage right up....they switched to some stupid basketball game just as jan was attacking.....they then had the balls to make out they were showing the finish live! when it was actually about 20 mins later.....from what i read in cycilngnews.com it would have been breath taking to watch.

did you see it live?

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admin your comment about channel 7 is fair.

dave your comment about Lance is not fair, I don't see how this made him more popular as a racing cyclist.  

Cancer  + Tour win = Sports start  ::)

I thought it would be 2 Tour wins = Legend

Must be Eric Zabel. How many stages did he win in major events this year alone?
Vo2! I think his ride up Inchanga was simply awesome ;D

(sorry guys, I'm in a good mood.)
Well, rider of year 2000 was in my opinion Jan Ullrich. For 2002 I'd go for Erik Zabel!
I totally agree with Dave ; the ride of the year is indeed Jan Ullrich in the timetrial of the world championships. It was the most thrilling race I had ever seen. The rider of the year is Erik Zabel ( he just never stopped winning! ) and it is true that everybody loves Armstrong mainly because he hasn't only survived cancer , but also went on winning the tour three times. He wouldn't have had as many fans as he has now, if he had never had cancer.
I thought Lance kicked some major ass in the 2001 tour this year, i'm sure he'll do it again this year ;D

Although the battle between Erik Zabel and O'Grady for the sprint king in the TDF was the hight light of the season for me 8)

He is going to win the GIRO this year and he will ben one of the top-ten in the tour de france

frz. Casero Coast
Casero winning the Giro? Only if he improved his climbing skills dramatically.
He is definitely strong enough for a top-ten finish at the TdF (he did it before), but we yet have to see if Coast will be invited.