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    Jun 20, 2005
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    Ive just got back from a week in the Alpes, my first time out there, followed a couple of stages~Courchevel~Briancon, having tackled Alpe D'huex, Col du Sarrene, Courchevel, Col du Lauteret, the Galibier and having to ride The mountain of Hell (up to ski resort at Duex Alpe) every day, Im now even more gobsmacked at the abilities of these incredible riders, just wondered if anyone could fill me in on the achievements of some of the greats and what theyve accomplished in the Grand Tours.

    I know this upsets a lot of people but I actually do think lance is a great rider but he seems to obviously remain focused on one event. I'm particularly keen to find out about other riders past and present and how they finished in the 3 major Tours, ie: Merckx Indurain Ullrich Hinault Rise Coppi the list goes on any help would be appreciated.

    P.S anyone not been out to see the Tour or try the climbs, get out there it's fantastic.